Trellis netting, tutoring’s first resource

Tutoring tomato crops with trellis netting.

Tomato seeds are the result of the fecundation of a vegetal egg. This reproductive organ will keep in itself the reserves necessary to give birth to a new plant. These reserves are proteins, lipids and carbohydrates that will sustain the plant through its first growth lapses. Once the plant has germinated, space, soil and climatic conditions will be in charge of continuously providing the plant with the nutrients it needs.

Tomato seeds

Tomato seeds in healthy fruit.


Tomato seeds, as in any other crop, are key for the agriculture process to continue. It´s important to know that these reproductive organs are a great source of food for human beings and animals, as well as an important source of employment in the agricultural industry. Nevertheless, seeds are not only important in these fields, but also in forest reforestation, small family gardens and even as part of the decorative process in crafts.

Picture of Miguel Hidalgo made with seeds

Painting made out of seeds. Image extracted from


Even though they´re used in different fields, it causes a bigger impact on agriculture, due to the fact that they depend in good quality seeds. Quality is reflected in the plant´s genetics: size and appearance, but in the case of crops, it´s reflected in color, size and taste of the fruit.

If we get good quality tomato seeds, we just need to plant them in order to start our own crop. Once the plant germinates and starts its development stage, we no longer have to worry about seeds, but we will focus on irrigation, transplanting, tutoring and the environmental conditions your crop will be exposed to.

Tomato planting fields.

Tomato fields.


Unhealthy tomato in comparison to a healthy tomato.

Comparison between a healthy tomato and a phytopathogen infected one.

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are a species from the solanaceae family, this plant is cultivated around the world because it´s had a great impact on the agricultural market due to the amount of nutrients it adds to the human diet. This plant presents upright or decumbent growth, this is why efficient tutoring is needed to avoid leaves and fruit from touching the ground. Continuous contact with phytopathogens such as viruses, fungi and bacteria can cause the crop to die if it´s not detected on time. Tutoring with HORTOMALLAS trellis netting is nowadays one of the most practical an effective tools to install tomato crops and other vegetables such as cucumber.


White propylene trellis netting, when installed along the furrow can reduce hand labor as well as the possibility of disease infection from on plant to the other where humans act as transmission mechanisms. Trellis netting helps with the trimming, irrigation and the pesticide application processes.

Trellis netting in tomato crops.

Trellis netting installed in tomato crops. Double netting installation.


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