How to increase crop yields using the potential of the tomato seeds you use

Trellising plants grown from the best tomato seeds genetics is a must


What good is it to invest in expensive high genetics tomato seeds if you keep trellising with raffia twine or caging tomatoes when you are missing out on important agronomic advantages of tutoring using netting like HORTOMALLASHORTOMALLAS trellis netting is indeed a technological advancement to improve phytosanitation as it decreases the exposure to plant pathology which occurs usually inside the fields when workers manipulate one plant after another, with their hands becoming vectors of contagion, carrying bacteria viruses and fungi from one plant to another when tutoring plants using agricultural raffia, since this method not only increases plant stress, but also promotes disease transmission.

HORTOMALLAS trellis netting is technological advancement to improve phytosanitation

Also known as tomato net this plant support system is idea for its ease of installation as it saves 2/3 of the labor required otherwise to create a raffia support thread. In tomato plants one should consider the double wall system of installing netting on both sides of the furrow, along the side of the tomato plants, creating a sandwich of netting on both sides of the plant.

Trellising plants grown from the best tomato seeds genetic

This installation technique will allow the plant to grow freely and extend its branches loaded with fruits and flowers through the meshes of the netting and provide the needed support for your quality tomato seeds.  The idea here is to allow the plant to develop freely and after the necessary pruning leave it alone as much as possible as not to stress it (mechanical stress reduces tomato yields by 8 to 10%), as each time a plant is handled for tutoring like in the high-wire cropping method, its leaves loose orientation towards the sun and for the next 3 to four days utilizes its strength and energies to rearrange its leaves towards the sun rather than producing weight in the fruits.  You may see some pictures of HORTOMALLAS here.

             Tomato net plant support system.

The advantage of tutoring plants from high genetics tomato seeds is that the plant recognizes when it can grow thanks to a sturdy plant support, and will produce more fruits rather than trying to reinforce its vegetation and structure to support the plant weight.

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